Tattoo care


· Remove the dressing after 2 to 3 hours after tattooing.

· Wash the tattoo under hot water (about 5min.) With a mild, unscented soap to remove petrolatum, excess ink and dried blood. Then, run cold water on the tattoo (about 15 sec.).

· Dry by tapping lightly with a clean towel but do not rub.

· Leave the tattoo in the open for 1 to 2 days.For the next 14 days, apply an unscented moisturizer 2 to 3 times daily or as needed.


· Avoid ultraviolet rays (whether they come from the sun or artificial tanning equipment) on the tattoo for 1 month and wear loose clothing.

· Avoid swimming (swimming pool, lake, spa, river, river, bay, stream or filthy water flask) during the healing period.

· Do not remove or scrape crusts (scabs), they must fall naturally.

· Never touch your tattoo with dirty hands: the tattoo may become infected. Do not scratch.

· Touch-ups are not guaranteed for tattooing of feet and fingers.

For any other information or question, do not hesitate to contact us.

Care to your new piercing


What to expect?

In the first few days, there may be some minor bleeding, localized swelling and / or a small hematoma (blue). During healing, you may have a slight discoloration of the skin, some itching, white or yellowish secretions (no pus) forming small “crusts” on the jewel. Piercing seems to heal long before complete healing. The healing of a hole changes from the outside to the inside, it is important to be patient and follow the advice of your piercer to the letter.

How to clean your piercing?

Three times a day, WITH CLEAN HANDS, apply hot water compresses combined with your NeilMed solution on a clean paper towel. Leave the pad in place for 5 to 10 minutes and complete the cleansing with NeilMed solution and cotton stems. Then make a slight movement with your jewel to penetrate the solution, only one movement is enough. In the shower, use a mild soap to clean your jewel and then rinse with plenty of water to remove any soap or shampoo residue.

Precautions and tips

· ALWAYS wash your hands before AND after handling a hole and avoid touching your piercing between cleanings.

· Change your sheets and towels minimum once a week.

· Do not let your animals sleep in your bed.

· Do not let your cosmetics (lotion, hairspray, makeup …) come in contact with your piercing.

· Avoid friction with your piercing, wear loose clothing and change the way you sleep if necessary.

· Regularly disinfect the objects coming into contact with your piercing (phone, headphones, glasses …).

· Prefer a shower to a bath and avoid immersion in water for the first 2 weeks (spa, pool).

· Avoid any exchange of body fluids without a protective barrier (condom, dressing) even in a monogamous relationship.

· Your own sweat and other body fluids will not irritate your piercing.

However, it is best to clean your piercing before physical effort to prevent the dried lymph irritating your piercing if the jewel comes into motion.

· Always keep a jewel in the piercing, ask the advice of your piercer before removing or changing your jewel.

· Always contact your piercer before trying an alternative treatment.

· Rest well and drink plenty of water.

Specific information for your piercing


Tongue and buccal piercing

· Rinse your mouth 3 to 5 times daily with h2Ocean mouthwash.

· Clean your jewel (tongue only) with a hard-bristled toothbrush, brush your teeth after every meal.

· Rest your tongue, avoid talking or moving your jewelry unnecessarily.

· Use crushed ice on your tongue to decrease swelling.

· Take anti-inflammatories (Advil) according to the dosage.

· Sleep with your head elevated Keep your head above the heart to reduce swelling.

· Avoid cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, caffeine and drugs as they slow down the healing process.

Belly button

A rigid and ventilated protective shell dressing for the eyes can be used under tight clothing during more intense physical activity to avoid friction or injury.

Ears, cartilage and facial piercing

Wrap your pillow with a clean, soft sweater and rotate every night, this will give you 4 clean surfaces (double-sided, upside down) and avoid staining your sheets. Also avoid sleeping directly on your piercing, form a “donut” with your pillow to create an empty space where to rest your ear.


A tight-fitting sweater or a fitted, clean bra will help prevent friction, especially at night.

Microdermal implants

Carry a vaccine-type thinking at all times for the first 3 days and for 7 additional nights. Avoid lifting the jewel when cleaning for the first week.

Surface piercing

Contact your piercer immediately if the skin in the center of the piercing thins, changes color (blue, purple …) or if you see the jewel through the skin (also valid for microdermal implants)

Genital piercing

Sexual activity can be resumed quickly, be careful and listen to your body, go more slowly. Use a new pod of water-based lubricant, never saliva. After each relationship, take a bath of warm water and h2Ocean or rinse with warm water.